T.I. Internship Experience

Making Your Experience Memorable

  • The internship program at Tire Intelligence has been a great learning and confidence building opportunity for me, a Software & Information Systems major at UNC Charlotte. Before starting at Tire Intelligence, I did not expect to be making meaningful contributions to the company. However, I was quickly integrated into the research and development team as a systems administrator where I was tasked with many duties crucial to both the workflow of the team and the actual networked environment. On a day-to-day basis I was exposed to all aspects of the Tire Intelligence network from physical server maintenance at a datacenter to deploying end-user applications from the office. The amount and scope of hands-on, real world experience I gained at Tire Intelligence is unprecedented and something that not many interns are able to experience early on. Additionally, I was able to meet with people from all aspects of the company, ranging from the CEO to the developers, which gave me great insight of what is needed for a technology startup such as Tire Intelligence to operate. Meeting with the various people of Tire Intelligence also made my daily responsibilities meaningful because I was able to see how I was impacting and contributing to all aspects of the company. My time at Tire Intelligence has allowed me to hone my current skills while also gaining new abilities, which I will carry with me into future positions. I truly enjoyed the experience, the culture, and the people of Tire Intelligence.
    Lawrence Spring 2014
  • Interning at Tire Intelligence has been an amazing stepping stone to move me from just a student to a confident career candidate. The staff has so much to offer; they are very willing to coach young students and teach them with a lot of challenges and grace. As a Computer Technology Integration and Network Administration student, this internship has given me so much exposure to how Business and IT work together. I was given the opportunity to spend many days with the Network Administrator as well as meet with the head of each department from CEO to Marketing to Programming. I learned about each area’s role in the company and their ambitions for future success and business relationships. The internship at Tire Intelligence has been a vital experience for my own personal success and preparing me for future job opportunities. I was stretched and challenged which has yielded a lot of growth. I am beyond thankful for the chance to help and learn, it was an awesome experience!
    Mark Summer 2013
  • Working at Tire Intelligence as a Data Analyst intern, has been a very enriching experience since the start of day one of my internship. Over the course of 10 weeks, little did I know that I would learn so much, in what seems like so little of time.
    Regardless of your career background, Tire Intelligence has always fostered a corporate culture that depends on teamwork, integrity, excellence and the passion to innovate. These are same ideals that both the cofounders have built this company on, and have continued to harbor. So if one would ask, what exactly has been the main driving force behind Tire Intelligence’s success? The one word answer to that question would be, “Ingenuity”. Ingenuity is what drives this company, it is what allows the company to experience continued success, and it is exactly what is needed to perform every task at Tire Intelligence. So as a Data Analyst, it was imperative for me to realize this when doing my work.
    Having come from a background in finance, I knew nothing about the manufacture of tires or the retail tire industry; and although I had unique feelings about my how experience would yield without that type of knowledge, surprisingly I did not need to know anything about tires to do my job well as a Data Analyst. In fact, I learned whatever information that I did require to perform my work in one day at the T.I.-101 presentation. With this newly gained knowledge Mark (the other Data Analyst intern) and I began our work. While many other internships may have students cemented doing only one task (of which might be somewhat meaningful or not), the assignments given to me throughout my internship were completely meaningful and productive exercises, served with the goal to help me learn more about what my role as a Data Analyst will entail. Furthermore with additional projects over time, my role grew much more complex, and clear in terms of how I contributed in adding real value to the company.
    In retrospect, my internship experience was like none other. For example, not many students can pride themselves that their work was presented to the CEO, and later used in a corporate meeting with another company to provide them with consulting advisory services. Such an experience is one that I am sure is hard to come by.
    In sum, my experience at Tire Intelligence really has been a superior one, as compared to my peers, and it is one that would definitely rival an internship at any big firm. I strongly encourage Tire Intelligence to anyone who wants to intern at a company with a solid business model, and has a successful revolutionary vision that is core to its foundation.
    Darshan Summer 2013
  • Working at Tire-Intelligence as an intern has been an overall rewarding experience. I was able to see first-hand how a small business works and how it differs from that of a large corporation. The Data Analyst position that I worked was one that relied heavily on Microsoft Excel to capture and organize data. My skills in this program were challenged daily, and I must say that I have learned quite a few new things within the software that I will more than likely need to use as I move forward in the business world. While working here, I was paired with another intern to work with and even as we both may not have agreed on all topics, it was inevitably enriching to hear other points of view, and to learn how to collaborate efforts. Success in dyads and small groups are important to the success of larger teams, and is something that needs to be cultivated for success in the business world. My favorite aspect of Tire-Intelligence would be the initiative by Doug Girvin and Eric Chaniot to start such a unique company in a market where buyers (businesses and customers) surely need the extra information. I was able to sit through about 7 presentations throughout the course of the 16 weeks, where I met the other teams and learned what their role in the company was. This was very interesting, as it allowed me to peek into what it was really like to run their department of the Tire-Intelligence. In the end, I would recommend this position to those who thoroughly pay attention to detail, and I encourage you take the initiative to contribute wherever possible.
    Mason Spring 2013
  • As a student in Computer Science, I was thoroughly rewarded by my experience at Tire Intelligence as a Data Analyst Intern. I was regularly challenged with performing research, compiling data, and applying existing knowledge and skills to the tasks of managing and analyzing the data. I was also challenged to pursue solutions for optimizing task efficiency and automating processes in order to achieve specific goals. This allowed me the opportunity to broaden my skillset and apply my knowledge in pursuit of business needs. Additionally I was provided with a comprehensive overview of the business, and interacted with several key members of the company who shared their insights from their roles. From the CEO on down, I was given an in-depth look at how the company formed, where it is positioning itself, and what its goals are along with an overview of business relationships and product offerings. A truly unique experience and one I will continue to draw on for years to come.
    Vince Spring 2013
  • For a rising senior and aspiring programmer, interning at Tire Intelligence during the summer of 2012 was an ideal introduction to working in the real world. Seeing the inner workings of a startup and getting to know the people that built and managed each department from the ground up gives a very clear and intense insight into how companies really operate. Each person was able to explain their position and importance within the business as well as how and why they came to fill their present roles. For example, as a mechanical engineering major, it was interesting to learn how a former research engineer in a major tire corporation turns into the founder and head of marketing for a software startup. Working with people from so many educational and business backgrounds gave a wide and insightful assortment of perspectives and advisements for future success. Everyone helped and interacted with the interns daily, sharing their experiences, both good and bad, while guiding them through their different projects. Our tasks were varied, challenging, and required multiple iterations. Initially, Betsy, the Data Analysis Intern, and I worked together researching and synthesizing information used by the marketing team and the data analysis department. We learned how to locate the data, different ways to format and present the findings, and what certain trends in the data could mean. More important than all of this was learning how to really plan before taking action through a variety of business analysis techniques created by the Project Manager. Proper planning really cuts down on mistakes and is crucial when trying to meet a deadline. My other big project was building and packaging a program written in Java to help expedite one of the company’s data gathering processes. A working 25-class project was completed quickly, but was ultimately proven inefficient and labeled as a proof of concept. A much more contained, modular, and robust set of Java classes and configuration files were then developed and put into place instead. Working closely with the head programmer, I gained essential experience using libraries, parsing arguments, developing with Swing, and implementing the model view controller design pattern. While some of these were covered in the classroom, actually working with a professional development team has no parallel when developing your own programming skills. Each of the interns this summer had several options for how to spend this time but personally I don’t think I could have made a better choice than working with Tire Intelligence.
    Chris Summer 2012
  • The advertisement for the Data Analyst Internship stood out to me the most when I started applying for internships. I was not sure what to fully expect when I applied for the Data Analyst Intern position. However, that just encouraged me to go to the interview and find out more about the internship and the company. After going to the interview and hearing all about what Tire Intelligence had to offer, I was so excited. I loved the idea of an interactive internship; one filled with networking possibilities, wonderful experiences, and a chance to work for a new company. My goal for the internship was to work in an environment where I could learn, be challenged, and gain experience.

    During my time at Tire Intelligence, I had an opportunity to work on projects, network, and learn. I worked on several project, including mapping, researching and compiling data. I was always able to ask questions and seek help with every task, if I needed it. Each week I got to listen to someone give a presentation about their job. It helped me to see what everyone in the company contributes. Not having a lot of work experience, it was amazing to learn in this environment. I learned a wide range of information, from tires to how to manage a business. Everyone was enthusiastic, supportive, and caring. It was because of that, that I was able to learn different techniques for researching, planning, communicating, and learning styles that I have not encountered in my studies. This internship is going to help me throughout my school career and life.
    Betsy Summer 2012